MCHK - English text

The Motorcykelhistoriska Klubben (MCHK) is a non-profit, non-political, cultural society of enthusiasts that preserves, renovates, maintains and uses older motor cycles, mopeds and scooters.

MCHK was founded in 1965 by Harald “Nicke” Porry, John-Olof Norman and Bo Jensen. The club has Local Branches and Special Sections that organise meetings in their local areas and respective fields of activity. MCHK is affiliated to Motorhistoriska Riksförbundet (MHRF) in Sweden and The Vintage Motor Cycle Club (VMCC) in the United Kingdom and co-operates with other motor cycle organisations such as SVEMO and SMC.

Today MCHK has about 3000 members and about 15 Local Branches, with Special Sections for road racing, motocross, military and other specific activities. Local Branches can be found in many locations around the country. They organise rallies, for example, Valbo-rundan, Mälardalsrallyt, Skåne Rundt, markets and meetings where you can meet people with a similar interest and exchange your own experiences. Thus, you get to know the members in the area you live in. The Special Sections organise track meetings and competitions for classic racing machines as well as meetings for those who are interested in military motor cycles and other activities.

The Club’s aim is to: Encourage the restoration and preservation of motor cycles with an historical and technical interest. Preserve literature on older motor cycles. Provide information and current trends on the domestic and foreign scenes within the scope of the hobby. Give an advertising service to members. Facilitate contacts between club members by issuing a Member and Machine Register.

MCHK is affiliated to the Motorhistoriska Riksförbundet (MHRF), the unifying body for the nation’s non-profit making organisations within the historic motor vehicle sector. They handle all the negotiations with the authorities and administrate the MHRF insurance that enables us to insure our motor cycles at reasonable premiums.

To obtain an insurance policy the vehicle must be inspected by one of the appointed inspectors located in many parts of the country.

MCHK also has representatives (specialists) on a number of makes of motor cycle. If you have a problem or a question relating to a specific make/model, you can often get help or advice from these representatives. MCHK has a unique library of original instruction books, workshop manuals, parts catalogues and leaflets from which copies can be ordered.

Each member receives a quarterly magazine “MCHK tidningen”, this contains hints and advice, reports from rallies. Many fine photos of interesting motor cycles together with articles on historical motor cycle makes are also published. Eight times a year “Blickfånget” (eye-catcher), a news and advertising periodical is issued. Here you can find classified ads on motor cycles, cars, parts, literature, invitations to the rallies, markets and other events.

Welcome to the MCHK as a member. You do not need to own an older motor cycle to be one of us. It’s enough just to have the interest.

Text: Ian Lines